Guru Ka Main Bandaa - By Javed Ali
Lyricist: C.B. Satpathy Ji

Within your heart cry constantly for God. When you have convinced the Lord of your desire for Him, He will send someone — your Guru — to teach you how to know Him. Only he who knows God can show others how to know Him. When I found such a one, my Guru, I realized that God doesn't teach through mystery, but through illumined souls. God is invisible, but He becomes visible through the intelligence and spiritual perception of one who is in constant communion with Him.

Baba's sacred mission is to awaken, elevate, transform and comfort His children. These are the visible acts of Baba. But, He also had a much bigger role to play in the administration of the Universe - in its creation, sustenance and destructions. He saw God in every living being.

It was His duty to take the created to the creator - i.e. to evolve human beings to the state of God - which is their real self. (Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathy)

Each step you take as you walk along life, make Him a companion, for He is the only companion who will walk with you in this life and the life beyond. A Perfect Master or Sadguru is as much a living entity without body as with a body in the time continuum.

May Shri Sai Bless you ever!